Kabelticker Ausgabe 391/2018
heute ist der 10.12.2018  
ThreatList: Gift Card-Themed BEC Holiday Scams Spike (threatpost)
Australia Anti-Encryption Law Triggers Sweeping Backlash (threatpost)
TA505 Crooks are Now Targeting US Retailers with Personalized Campaigns (threatpost)
168 Arrested in Money Mule Crackdown (securityweek)
Under Fire Huawei Agrees to UK Security Demands: Report (securityweek)
California Man Gets 26-Month Prison Sentence for DDoS Attacks (securityweek)
Using Fuzzing to Mine for Zero-Days (threatpost)
Google Launches Cloud Security Command Center in Beta (securityweek)
EU Should Worry About Huawei, Other Chinese Firms: Official (securityweek)
DeepPhish Project Shows Malicious AI is Not as Dangerous as Feared (securityweek)
Microsoft Calls For Facial Recognition Tech Regulation (threatpost)
Vulnerability Exposes Rockwell Controllers to DoS Attacks (securityweek)
Preparing for Tomorrow's Threats Today (securityweek)
Überwachung: Australien kegelt sich aus dem IT-Weltmarkt (golem)
North Korea-linked Hackers Target Academic Institutions (securityweek)
October 2018 Update: Patch für Windows 10 behebt viele kritische Fehler (golem)
New Lawsuit Claims Marriott Still Exposes Customer Information (securityweek)
Arrest of Tech Exec Signals Tougher US Stand on China Tech Firms (securityweek)
Infected WordPress Sites Are Attacking Other WordPress Sites (threatpost)
How to Reduce False Positives and Move Faster on What Matters (securityweek)
Chinese Government Suspected in Marriott Hack: Report (securityweek)
Google ASPIRE to Boost Android Security and Privacy (securityweek)
Facebook Defends Data Policies On Heels of Incriminating Internal Docs (threatpost)
Google Patches More Than 50 Android Vulnerabilities in December (securityweek)
Apple Patches Tens of Flaws in iOS, macOS, Safari (securityweek)