Kabelticker Ausgabe 248/2019
heute ist der 20.07.2019  
Iran-Linked APT34 Invites Victims to LinkedIn for Fresh Malware Infections (threatpost)
Adult Sites Lack Privacy, Open the Door for Harassment and Tracking (threatpost)
Bug in NVIDIA?s Tegra Chipset Opens Door to Malicious Code Execution (threatpost)
Iranian Hackers Use New Malware in Recent Attacks (securityweek)
The Growing Threat of Targeted Ransomware (securityweek)
Author of Dryad and Rubella Macro Builders Arrested (securityweek)
Why Incident Response Must Adopt a Kill Chain Perspective (securityweek)
Israel Spyware Firm Can Mine Data From Social Media: FT (securityweek)
Microsoft Launches Bug Bounty Program for Dynamics 365 (securityweek)
TLS-Zertifikat: Gesamter Internetverkehr in Kasachstan kann überwacht werden (golem)
Ex-NSA Contractor to Be Sentenced in Stolen Documents Case (securityweek)
Google Increases Bug Bounty Program Rewards (securityweek)
Have I been pwned: Firefox überprüft gespeicherte Zugangsdaten auf Leaks (golem)
Researchers Claim They Bypassed Cylance's AI-Based Antivirus (securityweek)
Tracking: Google und Facebook tracken auch auf vielen Pornoseiten (golem)
Poland, Lithuania Probe Russian-made App Behind Viral Old Age Selfies (securityweek)
Security Watch: Elon Musk?s NeuraLink Links Brains to iPhones via Bluetooth (threatpost)
Mirai Botnet Sees Big 2019 Growth, Shifts Focus to Enterprises (threatpost)
Slack Initiates Mass Password Reset (threatpost)
Over 800,000 Systems Still Vulnerable to BlueKeep Attacks (securityweek)
Biometrics: Dismantling the Myths Surrounding Facial Recognition (securityweek)
Google Triples Some Bug Bounty Payouts (threatpost)
Ke3chang APT Linked to Previously Undocumented Backdoor (threatpost)
Slack Resetting More User Passwords in Response to 2015 Breach (securityweek)
WeAct: Datenleck bei Petitionsplattform von Campact (golem)