Kabelticker Ausgabe 157/2019
heute ist der 20.04.2019  
Google to Block Logins From Embedded Browsers to Prevent Phishing (securityweek)
Facebook Collected Email Contacts of 1.5 Million Users Without Consent (securityweek)
Operator of Codeshop Cybercrime Marketplace Sentenced to Prison (securityweek)
Weather Channel Knocked Off-Air in Dangerous Precedent (threatpost)
Shopify Flaw Exposed Thousands of Merchants? Revenue, Traffic Numbers (threatpost)
Poll: Facebook Harvests Email Contacts for 1.5M Users ? Is Enough, Enough? (threatpost)
State-Sponsored Hackers Use Sophisticated DNS Hijacking in Ongoing Attacks (securityweek)
Easter Attack Affects Half a Billion Apple iOS Users via Chrome Bug (threatpost)
E-Learning-Plattform: Mysteriöses Datenleck bei Oncampus (golem)
Cisco Patches Critical Flaw In ASR 9000 Routers (threatpost)
Soziales Netzwerk: Facebook hat Kontaktdaten von 1,5 Millionen Nutzern kopiert (golem)
Respect Is Key for Retaining Top Security Talent (securityweek)
Russian Hackers Use RATs to Target Financial Entities (securityweek)
Symfony, jQuery Vulnerabilities Patched in Drupal (securityweek)
Network DoS Attack on PLCs Can Disrupt Physical Processes (securityweek)
Cisco Patches Critical Flaw in ASR 9000 Routers (securityweek)
Mysterious Operative Haunted Kaspersky Critics (securityweek)
Bad Bots Steal Accounts, Content and Skew the Web Ecosystem (securityweek)
Fortinet Settles Whistleblower Case for $545,000 (securityweek)
Ubiquitous Bug Allows HIPAA-Protected Malware to Hide Behind Medical Images (threatpost)
Researchers: Facebook?s Data-Leveraging Scandal Puts Users on Notice (threatpost)
State-Sponsored DNS Hijacking Infiltrates 40 Firms Globally (threatpost)
ThreatList: Bad Bots Account for a Fifth of All Web Traffic, FinServ Hit the Worst (threatpost)
Oracle Squashes 53 Critical Bugs in April Security Update (threatpost)
Russian Hackers Scrambled to Erase Digital Footprints After Triton Attribution Report (securityweek)