Kabelticker Ausgabe 340/2018
heute ist der 20.10.2018  
NSA-Linked 'DarkPulsar' Exploit Tool Detailed (securityweek)
0-Day in jQuery Plugin Impacts Thousands of Applications (securityweek)
City Pays $2,000 in Computer Ransomware Attack (securityweek)
Chinese Hackers Use 'Datper' Trojan in Recent Campaign (securityweek)
Server With National Guard Personnel Data Target of Attack (securityweek)
FreeRTOS Vulnerabilities Expose Many Systems to Attacks (securityweek)
EU Leaders Vow Tough Action on Cyber Attacks (securityweek)
Mozilla Brings Encrypted SNI to Firefox Nightly (securityweek)
Remote Code Execution Flaws Patched in Drupal (securityweek)
Splunk Patches Several Flaws in Enterprise, Light Products (securityweek)
New APT Could Signal Reemergence of Notorious Comment Crew (threatpost)
Flaws Open Telepresence Robots to Prying Eyes (securityweek)
NFCdrip Attack Proves Long-Range Data Exfiltration via NFC (securityweek)
Tumblr Privacy Bug Could Have Exposed Sensitive Account Data (threatpost)
GreyEnergy Spy APT Mounts Sophisticated Effort Against Critical Infrastructure (threatpost)
Apple's Revamped Privacy Website Offers Users Access to Their Data (securityweek)
Google Pixel 3 Improves Data Protection with Security Chip (securityweek)
'Operation Oceansalt' Reuses Code from Chinese Group APT1 (securityweek)
3 Public Cloud Security Myths Debunked (securityweek)
Facebook Launches 'War Room' to Combat Manipulation (securityweek)
Ex-Virginia Teacher Charged in 2014 'Celebgate' Hacking (securityweek)
Tumblr Vulnerability Exposed User Account Information (securityweek)
Ex-Equifax Manager Gets Home Confinement for Insider Trading (securityweek)
Oracle Fixes 301 Flaws in October Critical Patch Update (threatpost)
libssh Authentication Bypass Makes it Trivial to Pwn Rafts of Servers (threatpost)